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About Lucy

​Lucy Eveleigh, BA

BA in Theatre Studies.

Life Coach, Producer, Crisis Link & Survivor Support Worker​​

George Brown, Life Skills Coaching Certificate


Lucy has been a crisis link volunteer since the summer of 2011. She underwent extensive training to be a support on the end of a line for individuals who are feeling suicidal as well as experience isolation. She is also a trained Survivor Support Worker, working with families or individuals who are grieving the loss of someone to suicide.


Her experience in this field has led to her developing a coaching and mentoring business. Her approach to coaching and mentoring is always client led - she will not give you 'homework' that you are unlikely to carry out but will encourage you to suggest your own tasks. And she will ensure you carry them out!


Lucy's background is in theatre, and she has worked as an actor, producer and general manager in London and Edinburgh (UK) and Montreal and Toronto (Canada). She uses her theatre experience in her coaching and mentoring as a way to connect with her clients, sometimes involving role play. Lucy has also worked extensively within the comedy world and thus brings to her work a sense of humour.​


Above all Lucy is an active and perceptive listener. She will allow you the time and space to talk and discover things for yourself, she will share her experiences when necessary and she will put you first. Her goals are your goals.


Lucy coaches in hourly sessions, but in some cases she will work with the client in a three hour intensive to work through a specific area. Lucy can also work with groups of clients where necessary.


The sessions will go for as long as is deemed necessary by her and the client.


Lucy believes in the power of communication and has seen the profound effect it has on her clients and even the people in her life. She is a half marathoner so is used to building strategies, following them through, and achieving them, whilst testing herself. She brings that energy into the room with her and will help you discover your own energy and how it can affect you and every one around you.


She works on a pro-rated basis, offering rates that individuals can afford based on their incomes and will always have at least one pro bono client. Lucy believes in the accessibility of coaching and mentoring and if it is a good fit does not wish to turn anyone away. She has found her calling in life, she knows she is here on earth to do this and wants to help you discover your life's goal.

Lucy has been coaching and mentoring since 2011. She primarily works one-on-one with people who are looking to change or develop their careers, balance their lives and in some cases, find true love.


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