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Understanding Coaching

Coaching Defined

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching or mentoring as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. There are many coaches out there so it is important to find the one that matches you. Coaching honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Read more on Lucy's biography or sign up for a free consultation to discover if she is the coach for you.

Realize Your Dreams​

As far as we know, we only have one life. Lucy's goal is to help as many people as possible live theirs to the fullest. Whether you are looking for a career change, wanting to get fit, find love or work out what would make you happy, she can support you in realising your dreams.

Discover Your Self​

​​​Giving yourself a dedicated time in your life to meet with a coach or mentor, whether it is once a week or once a month, can make a positive difference to the levels of joy you feel on a daily basis. Prioritizing what you need and how you can get it will allow you to feel more balanced and healthy, emotionally and physically.

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