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Life Coaching


You can discuss whatever area of your life you wish to work during your free 30 minute consultation. You may not even know at this stage what you want to work on but over the course of coaching you will work with Lucy to prioritize your goals.


During your sessions, Lucy will;
  • Encourage you to discover, clarify and align what you wish to achieve

  • Work with you to create solutions and strategies

  • Ensure that you are responsible and accountable for your life

  • Listen, observe and customize her approach to your individual needs

  • Use her theatre background to work creatively with you, and;

  • Enhance the skills and resources you already possess.


Some of the benefits of coaching are;
  • ​Developing fresh perspectives on your challenges and opportunities

  • Enhanced thinking and decision making skills

  • Increased confidence, and;

  • Being able to strike a work-life balance


Together you will work on a schedule where you will meet on the phone or via zoom/skype/FaceTime/Whats App for one hour coaching sessions for $65 each.  Lucy usually works with a client for 4-6 months depending on the frequency of the sessions and the desire of the client.


Lucy offers Private Life Coaching as well as Seminars and Workshops.


Email for more details.

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