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Life Coaching

Are you too busy?

Do you wish you could be more organised?

Do you need some motivation in life?

Do you have goals you are just not reaching?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the chances are you need a life coach. 

I can be there to help you make a plan, stick with it and achieve your goals. 




If you need a life coach you have come to the right place. Lucy will work with you on relationships, careers, family, self management or any other area of life you wish to focus on.




If you are looking for a long term commitment then mentoring might be the better option for you. Lucy can work on a life-work balance, or any other area of life you wish to focus on.




Lucy teaches a variety of workshops from improvisation to how to stop procrastinating. She can offer groups from 5 - 20 people


"Lucy trains you to not only get through tomorrow, but to excel hereafter. With her support, enthusiasm and guidance, you will believe that all you wish and need to achieve is not only feasible but sure to happen."


"Lucy makes you feel comfortable, that your dreams are nothing to be afraid of and that they are completely possible to reach."

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